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Timber Preservation

Preserve the longevity of your building's timber elements with our timber preservation services in Leeds. We treat and protect wood from rot, infestation, and decay using environmentally friendly and highly effective treatments that ensure the durability and safety of your timber for years to come.


Dry Rot and Wet Rot Solutions

Dry rot and wet rot can cause significant structural damage if left untreated. Our Leeds-based team tackles these issues head-on, identifying the source of moisture and eliminating it before treating and repairing the affected timber. Our comprehensive approach not only addresses the current decay but also prevents future occurrences, preserving Leeds' historical and new properties alike.


Waterproofing Solutions

Our waterproofing services extend beyond basements to cover all critical areas of your Leeds property. From roofing solutions to external waterproof coatings, we ensure that every corner of your building is protected from water damage, thus maintaining its aesthetic and structural integrity over time.


Rising Damp Treatment

Rising damp can be a persistent issue, particularly in older buildings throughout Leeds. Our rising damp treatments are targeted to stop moisture from wicking up through your building's fabric, using a range of effective methods including chemical DPC injection and physical barriers, ensuring a dry and healthy environment for Leeds' diverse architectural styles.


Basement Waterproofing Membrane Lining and Tanking Systems

Protect your basement from water ingress with our advanced waterproofing services in Leeds. We specialise in membrane lining and tanking systems that provide a robust barrier against moisture, transforming your basement into a dry, usable space. Whether you're looking to prevent future dampness or rectify existing issues, our basement waterproofing solutions in Leeds are designed to last.


All Damp Proofing

We offer comprehensive damp proofing services designed to address and rectify any damp issue across Leeds. Our solutions include the installation of DPC (Damp Proof Course) barriers, which prevent moisture from rising through the walls, and other preventative techniques that stop damp before it starts, safeguarding the integrity and indoor air quality of properties in Leeds and surrounding areas like Morley and Rothwell.